JWM offers our assistance in legal aspects in wildlife conservation-related undertakings—ranging from prosecutorial aid, judicial awareness, and understanding legal frameworks. 

JWM conducts various training workshops, short seminars, and other programs covering four main stages involved in prosecuting wildlife offenders (Arrest, Investigate, Prosecute, Sentence). These programs are individually created, catering to the different level of experiences and multiple roles in the legal pipeline

JWM also focus on engaging with the Malaysian judiciary in ensuring deterrent sentences is meted out for wildlife offenders. JWM also conduct immersive outreach program by partnering with other conservation organisations offering the first-hand experience on the work involved in wildlife conservation.


In a conscious effort to fight wildlife crime, JWM keeps track of court cases and follow up on the status of wildlife crimes in Malaysia. This is also to gauge the effectiveness of the training conducted by JWM, thus improving the outreach and impact of each awareness program created. JWM also uses case tracking as a way to identify gaps and loopholes in the current legislation. Besides that, JWM conducts research related to legislation and prosecution using the latest available technologies in wildlife conservation to supplement prosecution work in court.